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There’s More to Life Than Hustle & Grind.

We don’t have to choose between a great career and a great life outside of work. We can have both.

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My Name Is Jason, and I’ve Stopped Believing in Extremes

Is it just me, or does it seem like every discussion these days requires people to choose sides?

We’re expected to draw our battle lines:

  • You’re either with us or you’re against us.
  • You’re either liberal or conservative.
  • You like either dogs or cats.
  • You can have either a healthy social life or upward mobility in your career.

It all kind of seems like bullshit to me.

People like logic. So naturally, we look for conclusive answers: black or white? yes or no? in or out?

But life isn’t that simple. Life happens on a spectrum, and the vast majority of our lives are spent — statistically speaking — right in the fucking middle of that spectrum.

I mean, sure: I like chocolate. But I’ll eat vanilla. Once in a while I actually prefer vanilla to chocolate. So am I #teamchocolate or #teamvanilla? Neither. I’m #teamdessert.

Here Are 3 Things I’ve Learned That Made My Life a Whole Shitload Better

I’ve worked with huge corporations and local businesses. I’ve worked 100-hour weeks and 15-hour weeks. I’ve worked until my body broke down, and I’ve worked so little that I felt like a waste of space.

I’ve worked with great companies, including:
Jason Lengstorf has worked with Intel, PlayStation, Precision Nutrition, CSS Dev Conf, and more

Along the way I’ve learned some things: how to keep myself sane; how to find a balance between building a great career and living a life that feels meaningful; how to sit down and just get shit done so I can spend my time the way I want.

That’s why I created this website. The things I’ve learned have helped my coaching clients, my friends, and the odd stranger in a bar to find more meaning and balance in their lives. And they might help you, too.

1. Work and leisure don’t have to be “either-or”; they should be “and”.

There’s pressure — mostly an abstract, cultural pressure with no explicit enforcement — to go all-in on a career if we hope to succeed, even if that means our happiness, health, relationships, and virtually everything else in our lives must be sacrificed for that goal.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. We can build a successful, healthy career while also living a rewarding life outside of work. And it doesn’t even require huge changes or enormous amounts of self-control.

I’ve got three small, daily actions that — while you’ll probably think they’re ridiculous — will change your life if you actually try them. Click below to download the practices for free.

Get Your Balance Back

2. The best way to take back your time is to become unfuckwithably productive.

It’s hard to argue with results. And there’s no better way to add two extra hours to your day than by finishing eight hours’ worth of work in six hours.

Fortunately, becoming more productive doesn’t require superhuman focus or savant-level understanding of the task at hand — it just takes a few small adjustments to the way you work.

I’ve collected five of my most productivity-boosting habits in a free PDF; click below to download your copy, become unfuckwithably productive, and start buying back hours of your day with incredible efficiency.

Boost Your Productivity

3. Ultimate freedom is working on your terms: where, when, and how you want.

I’ve worked as an employee, as an employer, as a freelancer, and virtually every role in between. What I’ve found to be true about every job I’ve ever held is this: I can only love a job that allows me to control how I do my work.

To that end, location independence is the ultimate key to loving what you do. You’re free to work from anywhere — on any schedule — so long as you produce the results you’ve agreed to produce.

And with today’s world of computer-based work, virtually any job can be remote. Even if you’re not a programmer or a writer — if your job is done on a computer — you can most likely do your job from anywhere, assuming you’ve got the right mindset and attitude.

To help you make the jump to remote work, I’ve compiled six non-technical skills that are critical for anyone hoping to make the jump to remote work. And I’m giving it away for free; just click the button below to get your copy.

Become a Remote Worker
Jason Lengstorf in Tokyo

Get your life back without sacrificing your career.

  • Get motivated. Stop feeling buried. Start feeling unstoppable.
  • Supercharge your productivity. Show up, kick ass, get out, and live your life.
  • Create more quality time. Spend more time with the people you love.