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What to Do When Things Go Wrong: A Survival Checklist

Building Happiness

What to do when it feels like everything’s just gone horribly wrong.

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No one is coming to save you. Are you going to save yourself?

It’s easy to wait for a hero to step in and rescue us. Turns out, though, there aren’t any heroes — we’re on our own. It’s on us to write a happy ending.

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Completely Alone at a Table of Friends

It’s fun to be connected. To stay on top of the goings-on in the world. But what’s the price for cultural relevance? And is it worth the sacrifice?

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Navigating the Tourist Trap

In which our hero grapples with his inner tourist and what that means to his outer hipster. Sort of. This is a story about self-loathing and sight-seeing.

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Do More with Less: Drop Dead Physical & Psychological Weight

Getting rid of junk we don’t need is a sure way to feel happier. But this doesn’t stop at cleaning out closets; we need to declutter our identities, too.

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Why We Work: Are We Just Working for Work’s Sake?

It’s easy to forget that we weren’t put on this planet to punch a clock. Do you remember why you work a job in the first place?

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How to Know If You’ve Joined a Cult

Are our most valuable qualities being exploited at work to form bad habits that — if we don’t change soon — just might kill us?

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Where Is the Magic?

As kids, we see a lot of the world around us as magical. Then, as we get older, the magic gives way to understanding. But is losing the magic a good thing?

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Do Men Have Best Friends?

I have a best friend. It feels awkward to say that out loud, and it really shouldn't. Why are men ashamed to have close relationships with other men?

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The Bright Side

Every time you talk to another person, you're affecting the way they feel. Try not to make them feel like shit.

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