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Rewarding Incompetence: How Time-Based Management Kills Motivation

Staying Motivated

When a company uses time to measure performance, employees are punished for high performance and rewarded for working inefficiently. This needs to stop.

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I’ll Be Happy When...

“I’ll be happy once I solve this problem.” But with the solution comes new problems. Can we ever be happy? Or do we only pursue happiness and never feel it?

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Don’t Make Time; Find Time

I make time every day for things that matter to me, but eventually there’s no room left to "make time" — how do I find time for the rest of what matters?

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Take the Trip

It's easy to decline an invitation because we're too busy, or because new adventures can feel uncomfortable. But what are we missing out on by staying home?

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Everything we've ever done ultimately becomes a story. How can we make sure the stories we tell ourselves — and others — are good?

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Do It Every Day

I feel guilty spending time on the things I enjoy that aren't "mission critical". To address this, I turn the things I WANT to do into the things I MUST do.

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The Fear

When I was twelve, all I wanted to do was kiss Cindy. And I was pretty sure Cindy wanted to kiss me, too. But The Fear was certain a kiss spelled disaster.

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Create Something

Whenever I feel restless or unhappy, it usually means I'm not creating. I always feel better when I'm creating.

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