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Do More with Less: Drop Dead Physical & Psychological Weight

Building Happiness

Getting rid of junk we don’t need is a sure way to feel happier. But this doesn’t stop at cleaning out closets; we need to declutter our identities, too.

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Why We Work: Are We Just Working for Work’s Sake?

It’s easy to forget that we weren’t put on this planet to punch a clock. Do you remember why you work a job in the first place?

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How to Have It All: Living for Now AND Later

We’ve all heard that it takes “hard work and sacrifice” to get where we want to go. But do our sacrifices actually get us closer to what we want in life?

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How to Know If You’ve Joined a Cult

Are our most valuable qualities being exploited at work to form bad habits that — if we don’t change soon — just might kill us?

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I’ll Be Happy When...

“I’ll be happy once I solve this problem.” But with the solution comes new problems. Can we ever be happy? Or do we only pursue happiness and never feel it?

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Create Something

Whenever I feel restless or unhappy, it usually means I'm not creating. I always feel better when I'm creating.

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Do What You Love ran an essay by Miya Tokumitsu that claims the advice, “Do what you love. Love what you do,” is devaluing “actual work.” It’s total horseshit.

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Me Against the World

The idea of “me against the world” is strange. It implies that I pose a threat to The World and, therefore, must be stopped. But is that true?

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It’s All Jazz

Every time I make a plan, it’s virtually guaranteed that something will go wrong. This was a significant stressor for me — until I learned to improvise.

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