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What to Do When Things Go Wrong: A Survival Checklist

Building Happiness

What to do when it feels like everything’s just gone horribly wrong.

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Navigating the Tourist Trap

In which our hero grapples with his inner tourist and what that means to his outer hipster. Sort of. This is a story about self-loathing and sight-seeing.

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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Everything we've ever done ultimately becomes a story. How can we make sure the stories we tell ourselves — and others — are good?

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The Fear

When I was twelve, all I wanted to do was kiss Cindy. And I was pretty sure Cindy wanted to kiss me, too. But The Fear was certain a kiss spelled disaster.

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Enough with the Sad Stories

When I was a kid, I loved the heavy, dark, sad movies. Now I just want a story to make me smile, even if the plot is completely ridiculous.

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