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Data Abstraction in Gatsby Themes (and React Apps in General)


How do we keep the content separate from presentation in React apps? Here’s one approach we’re using in Gatsby themes.

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Make WordPress Deployment Suck Less With Trellis

A step-by-step video tutorial on setting up a local WordPress development environment in minutes using Trellis, plus how to deploy FAST with free SSL.

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How to Bundle Stylesheets and Add LiveReload With Rollup

Learn how to use the JavaScript bundler Rollup to process stylesheets using PostCSS and rebuild & reload files when changes are made in this tutorial.

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How to Bundle JavaScript With Rollup — Step-by-Step Tutorial

Learn how to use Rollup as a smaller, more efficient alternative to webpack and Browserify to bundle JavaScript files in this step-by-step tutorial series.

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Tutorial: How to Deploy a Node.js App to DigitalOcean with SSL

This step-by-step tutorial walks through the process of deploying a Node.js app to a DigitalOcean droplet with free SSL from Let’s Encrypt for $5/month.

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How to Convert HTML Form Field Values to a JSON Object

A simple, dependency-free way to use `reduce()` to convert all the fields in a form to a JSON object for AJAX (or whatever).

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