Create Something

Whenever I feel restless or unhappy, it usually means I’m not creating.

I always feel better when I’m creating.

Create something.

Credit:Jason Lengstorf

Most of what I create comes in the form of pixels and code for my clients.

Sometimes I do a personal website project — like this site.

Other times I’ll draw little characters on bar napkins.

Every once in a while I’ll pick up my guitar and strum, or I’ll meet up with an old friend and we’ll record Taylor Swift covers.

I’ll work out a new cocktail recipe that I can make at home. Or make pizza from scratch. Or whatever. Doesn’t matter what it is.

I always feel better when I’m creating.

Creation is the intersection of learning and doing. It’s the application and proofing of knowledge.

Creation is a way of stating that — hey, everyone! — there are things that I value, and that I’m willing to work for them.

Creation is chasing ideas that inspire us, intrigue us, make us wonder.

The worst thing I can imagine is to live without wonder.

Because when I wonder, I want to know.

And when I want to know, I learn.

And when I learn, I want to test.

And when I test, I create.

And I always feel better when I’m creating.

What to do next.

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