Speaking and Workshops

I’m available for speaking gigs; just contact me. I’d be happy to speak about my experiences with remote working, business-building, or web design and development.

Jason Lengstorf at the 2017 GraphQL Summit in San Francisco.
Jason Lengstorf at the 2017 GraphQL Summit in San Francisco.Credit:Orange Photography

Currently I’m focusing on giving presentations in the following areas:

  • Work-Life Balance and Efficiency: raising awareness about the health and career risks of overworking, teaching high-efficiency habits, encouraging downtime
  • Building Effective Teams: process design, designing healthy culture, onboarding, internal training
  • Modern Front-End Development: progressive web apps, high-performance patterns, React + GraphQL, architecture, testing, functional programming
  • GraphQL: managing GraphQL servers, using GraphQL in microservice architectures, combining GraphQL with REST

For a full list of the ideas I’m kicking around right now, see my presentation list. If I’ve given the presentation before, the slides are up there, too.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  • Web Unleashed

    Talk: You Belong Here

    Sep 13–14Toronto, Canada
  • Chain React

    Emcee: Emcee

    Jul 11–12Portland, OR
  • React India

    Talk: Beyond Static With Gatsby & Apollo

    Sep 26–28Goa, Indiaslideswatch
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Past Speaking Engagements