Apps, Tools, and Gear Jason Lengstorf Uses

People ask me what I use pretty regularly. This page collects all of that information to save everyone time.

Code Editor / Terminal

  • My preferred code editor is Visual Studio Code. I’ve used other editors, and they were all good at some of the things. VS Code is currently good at all of the things I need it to be good at.
  • My editor font is Operator Mono. It costs money, which I happily paid, and I would happily pay for it again.
  • My editor theme is Night Owl by the wonderful Sarah Drasner. It’s Very Good™ and I wholeheartedly endorse it.
  • I use iTerm2 for command line stuff. I’m not enough of a power user to notice the difference between terminals, so probably don’t listen to me about this.
  • I have a few custom things set up in my terminal, which you can see in my dotfiles.

Desktop Apps

  • I use Superhuman for email and pay for it gladly. It warms my nerdy heart. I’ll probably refer you if you ask nicely.
  • I spend an unreasonable amount of time in Zoom. It’s really good at video calls and screen sharing.
  • My browser is Google Chrome.

Livestreaming Stuff

I run a weekly Twitch livestream.

Audio/Video setup

The end result of this is over-the-top:

Setting up this A/V rig taught me two things:

  1. Joel Hooks only has one setting: H.A.M.
  2. I probably could have done a lot less and gotten a Good Enough™ result, but it definitely feels nice to have high quality audio and video running.

Desk setup

  • I have a Jarvis adjustable-height desk with the contoured top.
  • I sit in a Herman Miller Embody chair. I’ve bought this chair twice (before and after my long-term travel adventure) and would definitely buy it again.
  • I use a MacBook Pro. No idea what the specs are. It’s a computer. I kinda like the touch bar.
  • I have an LG UltraFine display as a second monitor. I don’t remember the specs on this either.
  • I use a standard Apple magic keyboard and trackpad. I tried to get into mechanical keyboards and just wasn’t able to do it.